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Knight Tracker manufactures IoT devices for a plethora of live diagnostics about any kind of vehicle. These include real-time tracking, geo-fencing, geo-tagging and other technical solutions for various sectors like automative finance, schools, universities and logistic companies.

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Track My Kid

School busses are a boon to parents as this saves hours of time which would have been spent picking/dropping their kids. Most schools provide the facility of a school bus, but it does not give parents relief regarding the safety of their children. In addition to this, the constant rise of traffic and unpredictable travel times have compounded the woes of parents who themselves are on a strict timeline during the working hours.

Our Team

The force behind Knight Tracker.

Vivek Jaiswal


Vivek brings the Midas' touch to Knight Tracker. As an IT veteran, having spent almost two decades in the domain of software engineering, architecture and enterprise solutions, he is an inherent connoisseur and a natural entrepreneur. Through Knight Tracker Vivek brings all tracking solutions under one banner with the help of IoT Devices.

Pavan Allena


Pavan is the young dynamo that keeps Knight Tracker in the forefront. Being a CSE graduate from the Vellore Institute of Technology his natural acumen for serial entrepreneurship and meshed with his acumen to provide a seamless tracking mechanism with convenience to businesses and individuals alike led him to engender Knighttracker.

Rahat Achanta

Head Sales

Comes with an ability to convey ideas with eloquence, Rahat can get as articulate as possible in his pitch. He likes to carry out his job by using his own eccentric methods while keeping the core principles of sales intact which is why he can boast of great success stories in his previous experiences with different companies. Rahat feels that "If sales is your passion then persuasion should be your obsession".

Charles J Antony

Board of Advisor, Business Strategy

Charles Antony brings in over 30 years of Global Corporate experience. He was senior director in Motorola USA, for over 20 yrs and was pioneer in bringing wireless and cellular technology. Charles was a former MD & CEO in Tata Tele Maharashtra.